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EndoTool®is a highly sophisticated software system that calculates the dose of IV insulin needed to quickly control blood glucose levels in acute, OR and critical care settings. This proprietary, FDA-cleared software not only calculates the dose of IV insulin needed, it actively models and adapts to individual patient responses to IV insulin — even those with fluctuating insulin requirements.  EndoTool® integrates more than 30 unique algorithms, and its sophisticated control mathematics ensure an extremely low incidence of hypoglycemia, <0.05% of readings.   

EndoTool® was developed by Interplat for MD Scientific, LLC, a medical products company based in Charlotte, NC.   EndoTool® was purchased from MD Scientific in late 2008 by Hospira, Inc., a global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company with over $3 billion in sales. More...

Interplat Solutions is currently developing Echo for Business Health Solutions.

Contact Information:

Steve Kulig
Executive Vice President
Phone: 910-303-3885
Email: SteveKulig@Interplat.com

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