Case Studies
Interplat Develops Electronic Crash Reporting System
to serve Law Enforcement Agencies Across North Carolina

eCrash is wireless mobile application that replaces paper based crash reports. This
application allows crash report data to be entered once, unlike the current process,
and minimizes human error by providing extensive user-friendly features. Also, accident
reports can be immediately transmitted to the officer's supervisor for approval. The
system provides a central server repository that can be used for statistical reports
and data analysis.

The eCrash system serves over 150 Law Enforcement agencies across North Carolina.

Business Challenge
The paper based crash reporting mechanism on the DMV-349 form was time
consuming and cumbersome. This was true for the officers in the field, the Law
Enforcement Agencies who needed the data themselves, and the DMV. When using
the paper based system the data for each crash report was manually entered many
  times. Once by the officer him/herself. Once by the specific law enforcement agency,
for their own records, and finally by the DMV into their own central database.
Sample crash diagram

In addition, the delay inherent in a paper
based system was problematic. It took
on average 2-3 weeks for a crash report
to make it to the DMV central database.
Insurance companies and individuals
involved in the crash could not get copies
of the crash report in a timely manner.

The seamless integration of Trancite
Logic Systems'  Easy Street Draw crash
drawing package allowed officers to
quickly diagram the crash scene.

The eCrash software is lightweight and
easily deployed across wireless networks.

Interplat's first step was to make better use of existing hardware and Microsoft®
Windows™ operating systems by writing the client application with Microsoft®
VisualStudio. A three-tier model, which was so successful for eCitation, was
developed with Microsoft's component-based architecture. By implementing a
solution based on COM, Interplat was able to make use of various third-party
components and write the complete application in less than six months. The
result was an intuitive, easy to use, single-window application that Windows™
users have come to expect.

eCrash screenshot

The data integrity challenges were solved by extensive use of dropdown lists. The items
in the lists are filtered appropriately so that an officer cannot inadvertently make a bad
choice. The use of dropdowns not only solved the data integrity issues, but also greatly
minimized the data entry time.

Interplat reduced the data entry
time even further by implementing
the ability for officers to enter
driver information either by
scanning the North Carolina drivers
license barcode or by getting the
information directly from the North
Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.
In addition, many of the fields default
to the last used values, allowing
officers to skip over them entirely.

The deployment issue was solved by
creating a professional, wizard-style
installation that can be run either from
a CD-ROM, a network, or the Internet.

Solution Overview

Industry: Department of Motor Vehicles and
    Law Enforcement

 ° COM-based
 ° three-tier
 ° Runs on Microsoft® Windows™
     (95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP)

Software Used:
 ° Microsoft® VisualStudio

 ° Microsoft® Access
 ° Microsoft® Data Access Components


Like eCitation, eCrash allows officers to work either "online" or "offline". When working
online, crash reports may be electronically transmitted to a centralized server, where a
supervisor can review the crash report. Once acted upon by a supervisor, the system
indicates successful and unsuccessful crash report completion by either associating
the DMV "crash ID" with the crash report or presenting the officer with appropriate error
messages. If errors are encountered, the officer may correct them and retransmit the
crash report to his/her supervisor. Data entry errors are again greatly reduced by
improved client-side data validation before transmission.

The ability to work "offline" allows officers to continue writing crash reports even if the
centralized server is down. 

Officers can still print their crash reports in the well known DMV-349 format when
required by their supervisors, or the courts.

Evaluation Software
If you would like to evaluate the eCrash software, you may fill out the request form to
receive either a CD or an onsite demonstration.
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